Monday, December 1, 2008

The Clintons CUT A DEAL for Sec. of State

Hillary has 'accepted' the Sec. of State post, but it wasn't easy.

The agreement was negotiated by Cheryl Mills, Robert Barnett, Bruce Lindsey and Doug Band on the Clinton side and John Podesta and Todd Stern on the Obama side.
4 lawyers on the Clinton side and 2 on Obama's side. Guess who got out-lawyered?

Here’s the full text of the internal guidance about the agreement:

“At the request of President-elect Obama, and to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest (Boy, one thing I know for sure is that; whenever you have to insert that language.......there's a conflict!) between the work of President Clinton and the service of Hillary Clinton should she be nominated and confirmed as Secretary of State, President Clinton is taking the following steps above and beyond the requirements of current laws and regulations.

— The Clinton Foundation will publish the names of everyone who has contributed since its founding in 1997 (this year).

— Should Senator Clinton be nominated and confirmed as Secretary of State, during her time of service, the Foundation will also publish the names of everyone who contributes going forward on an annual basis.

— The Foundation will separately incorporate CGI [the Clinton Global Initiative] from the Foundation; President Clinton will continue to host CGI gatherings, such as the one in NYC and its meetings for college and university students, as Founding Chairman of CGI.

— Although President Clinton will continue to invite participants to CGI events (which involves normal registration fees), he will not solicit 'sponsorship' contributions for CGI.

— CGI will also not host annual events outside the US and CGI will not solicit or accept foreign government contributions.
Key word is 'government' Everyone outside of a foreign government is fair-game.

— Given the extensive and life-saving work of the Clinton Foundation's HIV/AIDS Initiative which can and should continue, the Foundation will continue to fulfill its commitments funded by foreign governments (including, among others, Sweden Norway, France, Great Britain). In the event an existing contributing country chooses to substantially increase its commitment, or a new country, or government-owned entity, decides to contribute, the Foundation will share such proposed contributions with the State Department ethics officials. 'State Department ethics officials? With Hillary as its Secretary, that's a reach! State may also share the issue to the WH Counsel's office for review. To whatever extent there are conflict of interest concerns raised about such potential contributions related to Senator Clinton's service as Secretary, they will be conveyed to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation for appropriate action.

— Same procedure to be followed for any foreign country contributors to CCI [Clinton Climate Initiative], CGSCI [Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative] and CHDI [Clinton Hunter Development Initiative].

— Regarding President Clinton's private work, during her tenure, President Clinton will share proposed hosts of speeches with the State Department ethics officials for their review, and as appropriate for review by the White House Counsel. Again, should there be conflict of interest (there's that pesky CONFLICT thing again!) concerns related to the Senator's anticipated service as Secretary, they will share those concerns with Senator and President Clinton for appropriate action. Appropriate action? As in: Bill, don't take any more Kuwaiti money.... or else.

— During her tenure as Secretary of State, should she be nominated and confirmed, President Clinton will share any proposed consultant relationships with State Department ethics officials, and the same procedures outlined above will apply here as well.

“None of these protocols is required by any law, and all of them go above and beyond the requirements of the law to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. The procedures are, of course, in addition, to the already extensive laws and regulations government the activities of spouses of federal officials (such as those outlined in 5 USC 208 and related regulations).”

Sure seems like a lot of 'covering your ass' language, no?
Can't you just feel the air of confidence this agreement provides?
Has there ever been any more good faith shown to a former President?

Here is the 'upshot' of all this:

The State Department which has basically run amok regardless of who inhabits the White House, is now being headed by one of the shadiest character in the history of American politics. This shady character is married to THE shadiest character in American politics.
All the language in the world will not stop the Clintons from doing whatever they want, whenever they want, with whomever they want.
This deal has all the ingredients to be:
A foreign policy failure.
An embarrassment for Obama.
A money-maker for the Clintons.
How's that Obama vote working out for you?

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