Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have tried to remain silent throughout this entire Michael Jackson 'thing', but when I read this, I just want to scream........ ENOUGH!!!!!!

In death, as in life, Michael Jackson is doing things with fairytale extravagance.

The singer's body will be transported to his funeral in a white carriage led by two horses, instead of the traditional black vehicle, it is understood.

His body will then be placed on show in a glass coffin at Neverland, to give fans a chance to say their personal farewells.

For Gods sake, what is the entire Jackson family doing?

For years, everyone has known that Michael Jackson was a freak, yet his family did nothing while watching his life go down the toilet. Now that he's dead, we see them weeping and mourning as if this whole thing came as a shock. PLEEEASE!

I wonder what the price of admission will be to see Michael Jackson in a glass coffin?

Please, by all means, let the freakness continue!

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