Thursday, August 20, 2009


In what is probably the most blatant evidence of creating 'news' MSNBC injects race into the health care debate along with the notion that Obama, the first black President, is at risk of being assassinated by some deranged (white) wacko.
What MSNBC chose to not show their audience is that the gun totting person at the rally was black.

The guy was at the rally basically supporting the Second Amendment and personal right/freedoms. MSNBC spins it as: Obama the first black President, is in danger of being shot by gun-totting white hillbillies.


Unknown said...

I love the name of your blog. Notice how most of the rabid King Barry voters from last year have gone silent these days.

Joaquin said...

Thanks Jenn.
Yeah, it's pretty obvious that quite a few of them are suffering from a bit of gag-reflex from the Obama Kool-Aid they ingested last fall.
Some of us knew better, eh?