Thursday, August 13, 2009

That is our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton comparing the 2 bit piece of crap country, Nigeria, to the United States.
Yes sir! This apologizing/United States is evil bunch is really cleaning up our international image!

UPDATE: Hillary will today head to Liberia to show support for female President Ellen Sirleaf
The visit is being touted as A Women Power visit. Nice!
I wonder if Winnie Mandela will be invited? Maybe she'll bring some of her jewelry.


Murali said...

I was going to comment but am at a loss of nice words. So I'll leave it at 'unbelievable'.

Joaquin said...

Imagine a Progressive Pres. like Obama who doesn't take women seriously and gives them no real authority? Except maybe hanging out with other international 'hens'


I guess that cowboy GWB was a real sexist/racist pig for giving Rice, you know, ACTUAL authority to do stuff.
Leave it to the Democrats to marginalize Hillary, and to Hillary for finishing the job by marginalizing herself.
The smartest woman on the planet, eh?

Quite Rightly said...

Would that be the same Nigeria whose military is documented as committing wholesale brutal sexual torture of young girls and women and their fetuses and infants while murdering them?

Naw, couldn't be. Must be some other Nigeria.