Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Media budgets have been decimated as the Internet facilitates a communications revolution. More public funding for news-gathering is the answer."

Mr. Bollinger the President of Columbia Univ. feels that government funding of news outlets is the answer. Sorry Mr. Bollinger, if you provide the right product........they will come. If you continue the same old tired course, you should be allowed to die.
Has he heard of the financially successful FOX NEWS?


Darrell Michaels said...

Not only that, but if the government funds the media, the media will be even MORE inclined to report pro-government expansionism in a good light.

When you are paid by the master, you tend to do their bidding.

Whatever happened to the independent media being the watch-dog instead of the cheerleader for government?

Joaquin said...

All one has to do is look at PBS.
Today's news organizations, for the most part, have failed at keeping-up with the times and as you pointed out, become cheerleaders for the left. Now that they are dying, their only recourse is to plead for government help.