Thursday, May 5, 2011


It seems that with every minute that passes, the White House comes up with a different story about the events in Pakistan and OBL. These guys can't get their stories straight, and it's been my experience that when that happens there's a lot of bullshit going on.
Oh, and to make matters worse...............THIS is now seeping out!
It now appears that the story has begun to unravel, and the dithering continues regarding the release of the photos, the lashings of Pakistan, followed by assertions that Pakistan is an ally, lets' not gloat, but let's have a rally at ground zero – all of it threatens to turn this from a big win to a big loss for America.


Murali said...

It would not surprise me one bit if this were true. There's quite a bit of detail in those four pages for it to be a complete fabrication.

I'm tired of Pakistan. Now Pakistani officials are saying the U.S. killed OBL 'in cold blood.' My response? So f*cking what!

I don't think the country that is the #1 net exporter of terrorists can say $hit about what we do.

Actually, they can say whatever the f*ck they want. U.S. officials simply need to give them the finger and cut off all aid.

Joaquin said...

I agree with you, but let's not forget that they have nukes. That alone, gives the Pakis a seat at the table.

Murali said...

When Iran gets nukes, will they have a seat at the table?

If we cut off aid, is Pakistan going to use their nukes? Good luck.

Joaquin said...

"When Iran gets nukes, will they have a seat at the table?"
Of course, but as the table gets larger, membership becomes less relevant and then it's time to build a new table.
A nuclear defense shield table.

Murali said...

By that time, you sure it wouldn't be a 'find a way to get off this planet table?' ;-)