Wednesday, May 25, 2011

At first I felt bad when I watched this, but then..........

I remembered Obama's history . . .

February 2009:

-- OBAMA returns the valuable bust of Churchill the British loaned us, without telling the British government first.

March 2009:

-- OBAMA doesn't greet the British PM at the airport.

-- OBAMA gives the nearly-blind British PM a gift of not particularly special DVDs that won't play on British DVD players.

April 2009:

-- MICHELLE breaks protocol by touching the Queen.

-- MICHELLE gives the Queen an iPod with Obama speeches on it.

-- OBAMA calls Britain "England" in a speech in Britain.

May 2009:

-- OBAMA Administration excludes the Queen from D-Day anniversary plans.

June 2010:

-- OBAMA repeatedly refers to BP as "British Petroleum", triggering annoyance in Britain (BP is a merger of British Petroleum and the American Oil Co).

. . . you'd think the President would be very, very careful to make sure everything went correctly this time.

Apparently not.

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