Monday, June 6, 2011


Weiner fesses up to bonergate. Why? Because he was caught dead-to-rights. He was BUSTED!
He lied. He said he was hacked. He shamelessly let people defend him, and he allowed others to be accused of trying to set him up. In true guilty fashion, he attacked the messengers, and let supporters flap in the wind.
He’s cowardly, despicable, incredibly arrogant, and now he’s busted. WHAT SCUM!
Will he give up his seat? Of course not, he's a power hungry, arrogant Liberal.................... it's who they are.

The next targets will be the women he Twitted. They will be under the microscope and their lives exposed. Will N.O.W. or other feminist come to their aid/support? Pleeease! They're Liberals! They protect their own.


Murali said...

And now, this...

Joaquin said...

I feel bad for her, but let's not forget that she's been at Hillary's side for over 10 years, so she's been "around the block" It still doesn't make it right.