Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Given the length to which the Obama Administration has demonized the business community for just about everything that has gone wrong economically, and given the sneaky way this administration has rolled out, or should I say, JAMMED its policies, it should come as no surprise that the markets have tumbled nearly 33% since the coronation. Eh, I mean, election.
The market does not like what is emanating from the White House. From higher taxes, over-regulation, and wild federal spending, the market is giving this administration a big thumbs down
But, does this administration care about Wall St. and the markets? Personally, I don’t think they give 2 $hits!
With each day that goes by, I am convinced that this administration, in order to ram their radical economic agenda, has and is purposely hell bent on scaring the American public and terrifying the market. SHOCK AND OH OH!
Didn’t little White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel admit as much when he stated: "you never want a serious crisis to go to waste." Sure he did.
The Obama Administration is more than delighted to fan the flames of crisis; thus creating a climate where this radical agenda can be passed and implemented.

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