Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Affirmative Action Pick.

Obama nominates Sotomayor, a Latin woman for The Supreme Court.


Did anyone in their right mind think he would pick anyone other than a minority woman?

The painful upshot of this is that we will now be subjected to the MSM lauding everything Sotomayor.

1. Her every single 'accomplishment'
2. Her heritage.
3. Her upbringing.
4. Her diabetes. Get ready for a diabetes ribbon.
5. Her physique. Get ready for ' Aaaah, she looks like your average American woman'
6. Her brilliant education. Princeton...Yale... OH MY!
7. How she 'took on' the OLD, WHITE, MALE, BASEBALL OWNERS.
8. How her hair-style will influence future Supreme Court decisions.
9. How we now we have a strong woman to challenge those eeeevil conservatives on the court.

And of course, the irrelevant Republicans will try to highlight everything she's said or written and try to make something negative of it.
Unless there are pictures of her wearing fatigues and a red Chinese army beret while french-kissing Castro... inside the Kremlin............................IT WON'T MATTER. SHE'S IN!

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