Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who is believing the pile of crap this fool is shoveling?

Did he say "we've cut taxes"?? On whom?

Saved a million jobs? How did he do that, and what jobs were specifically saved?? More Obama bullshit!

Did he say "we've had job growth"? The only jobs that have been created have been either temporary of more government bureaucracy jobs. Hey idiot! The private sector isn't hiring.

Did he say that "companies have not been willing to hire"? NO SHIT MensaBoy! Who in their right mind can even consider expanding with you and your cronies continuing to crush the economy?

A JOB GROWTH SUMMIT where he's going to listen to everyone. WHAAAAA HA HA!!!!
Spoken like a true Community Organizer!!! Let's get together and talk. Let's chat and pat ourselves on the back and announce that everything is fine.

This guy doesn't know the first thing about private sector job creation, and I doubt he even gives a $hit.

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