Friday, November 13, 2009

When one hears the word UNIONS one usually pictures a steel worker in Pittsburgh, a truck driver on an interstate, or a coal miner in W. Virginia, right? WRONG!
Today, union membership has fallen to 7.3%of all private sector workers. But it is a completely different story in the public sector: 37.6% of government employees belong to unions.
Those 7.9 million unionized government employees make up 51% of all union members nationwide. Most union members today now work for.................. Uncle Sam.

Last year the Service Employee International Union (SEIU) spent 60.7 million dollars of employee union dues to elect Obama, that is why when the White House released it's official visitors list, the #1 visitor to the White House was none other than Andrew Stern who just happens to be President of..................................Service Employee International Union (SEIU)
Keep that in the back of your head when you hear Obama talk about job growth.
Job growth to Obama is government job growth, union government job growth, which is nothing but a huge money spigot to Obama/LibDemocrat coffers.

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