Thursday, January 22, 2009

Caroline bows out.

Let me tell you how this whole thing went-down.

Andrew Cuomo put a call into the Gov. that went like this:

AC - Hi Gov! Listen, I’ve been doing some thinking. If Caroline gets the Senate seat, I'm going after your governor seat big time in the next election. Now you know that Caroline isn’t a threat to you, but I am. Hey Gov. I don't want to go Khartoum on ya.

If you appoint me, I’m doing the DC boogie and I’m outta here. Watta ya say?

Gov. - Let me get this right. I don’t have to see your sorry ass again if I send you to DC?

AC - You got it Gov.


Gov. - Eh Mary, get Caroline on the phone for me.

Mary - Gov. I have Caroline on Line 1

Gov. - Caroline, how are you? Listen, I'm callin to let you know that I'm not picking you for the Senate seat. Now don't get all teary, and don't start with the Kennedy stuff. Look, let's make this easy on all of us. Just let it leak that for personal reasons you're bowing out and that will be the end of that cause you're not getting the seat. GOT IT!



Murali said...

Looks like Cuomo didn't get it.

Joaquin said...

The Gov. has signed his political death warrant. You'll see.