Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Obama. What about the Dreams of My Grandparents?

Andrea Freiboden

Consider how the media have focused on Obama's family background. There has been great emphasis on his mother and his father, but almost nothing on his grandparents--until when Obama compared his 'typically white' grandmother with the toxic Jeremiah Wright. Obama also made a big thing about his white grandmother in ads run in southern States to convince white voters that he was raised white.
But, on the national scale, the focus has been on Obama's mother and father. Obama wrote a book about his father, and Newsweek ran a photo of Obama's mother holding baby Obama--channeling Madonna and Child image for secularists looking for a new religion.

On closer observation, this is all very strange. If anything, Obama should have written a book called 'The Dreams of My Grandparents'. Without his grandparents--their time, devotion, money, effort, support, etc--, Obama would not be where he is today. His mother was a selfish woman who hooked up with some African lover boy who turned out to have another wife. Both Obama's mother and father were extremely self-centered people.
Like the Charlotte Rampling character in "Georgy Girl", Obama's mother dumped her kid and ran off with another man half way around the world. Obama's father refused to have anything to do with Obama, his own child. This was also true with other kids he had with other woman in Kenya and who knows whereever else. Both father and mother lied to one another, lived for their own pleasure, and abandoned the child they had together. If Obama's white grandparents hadn't stepped in, Obama would mostly likely have ended up as dead, criminal, confused, or at best, a humdrum individual.
Lucky for Obama, an old white couple provided a classic and traditional nuclear home for him. His grandparents were his defacto father and mother. They fed him, clothed him, educated him, took care of him when he was sick, supported and encouraged him.
Yet, Obama has been mostly silent about the very people who did most to help him succeed. Instead, he has shown embarassment about them. Why? Obama's personality is much like his father and mother's. Selfish and self-centered. Ever since he was a young boy, he thought of himself as a cool, badass, and out-of-sight dude. Yet, his defacto parents were lame old folks. Worse, they were lame old WHITE folks. He felt like Siegfried raised by Nibelungen. His grandparents were nice to him alright, but he felt superior to them. Just like Muhammad Ali distanced himself from Jews and whites who built him up and established his blackness and find black spiritual guides, Obama wanted to cast off the soft shackles that chained him to his white grandparents. His grandparents were nice to him, but it was very niceness that most upset him. He felt obligated to be 'white-like' or 'white-friendly' since whites were nice to him, but his real wish was to a great, badass, tough, cool, and hip black dude. Obama's problem was never a sense of black inferiority; rather, he always felt superior to whites. He felt like a swan being raised by ducks. But, unlike the ugly duckling story where the nastiness of ducks gave impetus to the 'ugly duckling' to find his true greatness as a swan, the niceness of the white ducks dragged on Obama who wanted to get away and find his greatness as a black swan.

And, he felt this even more so when he met Franklin Marshall and other leftist and black radicals. At any rate, if his white grandfather knew Marshall, even Obama's radicalism may have partly come from his white grandfather. How many stuffy old middle class white folks have black communist friends?

Anyway, though Obama owed everything to his white grandparents, he wanted to get away from them as far as possible. He sought what he considered to be his TRUE father figures. He went to Africa to meet his real father. Obama wanted a narrative where his black father hadn't abandoned him but had been forced to give him up due to trying circumstances. But, the fact is his communist Kenyan father was just a lowlife rat and skunk. Obama called him a 'goat-herder' but that's like designating Himmler mainly as a chicken farmer. Obama's father was a hateful communist radical, and had his side taken over Kenya, it would have been another Ethiopia-under-Mengistu.

It's not that so much that Obama hated his white grandparents. Rather, he resented their presence in his psycho-biography. He wanted to see himself as a black revolutionary, a radical prince, a badass mofo dude, a great leader much like Che Guevara, and etc. Yet, his biographical resume said, 'raised by two old white folks from Iowa on the beatific island of Hawaii'. It's as if James Brown had to admit that he'd been raised by a white family that sang polka every weekend.
So, Obama sought out Jeremiah Wright. Here was a fire-breathing black preacher. He was angry, he was mean, he was nasty. He sho was black. Wright became his spiritual father. And, Obama mythologized his real loser-father as a tragic figure when he had been just as an alcoholic womanizer and clod. Obama reshaped his narrative so that his real father represented the tragic black hero defeated by the (white ruled)world and his pastor 'father' represented the anger of the black man crying out for vengeance and justice. Had there been absolutely no chance of Obama becoming president, Obama would have edged even closer to black politics. After all, he married a very hateful and resentful bitch and hung around arch radicals like Wright, Ayers, and worse. Obama felt comfortable in that world. But, when the presidency became a possibility, he had to make things look more balanced.

Even so, what most of us know revolves around Obama's feelings and thoughts about his mother and father, both of whom had little to do with his life. His defacto parents were his white grandparents.
Now, why did the media support's Obama's mytho-narrative? It's because the media are mostly liberal to leftist. Their dominant ideology is feminism and anti-family-ism. To say that Obama's success owes to an elderly white couple who provided for him a traditional nuclear family of middle class values undermines the whole conceptual ideology of the Left. The media want us to believe that Obama's success owes to race mixing, single motherhood, African nationalism, spiritual fathers like Alinsky and others. But, take out the role his grandparents played, and Obama wouldn't have been anything. Before one learns about the world, one must be taken care of--fed, clothed, walked to school, read bedtime stories, treated when sick, etc. Who does all this for kids? Parents. So, where were Obama's radical leftist parents during his youth? His mother was in another country with yet another man--whom she divorced eventually as well. His father was in Kenya boozing and banging more chicks and begatting more kids--like the George the hut-dweller. His defacto parents were his grandparents. But, even though Obama's white grandparents and the nuclear family environment did the MOST GOOD for Obama, they've been given the least amount of credit. Indeed, we've heard NOTHING about his white grandfather. Well, I guess he's a white male, and of course, we can't say much good about no white male.

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