Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gov. Christie is a dictator!

For years, politicians have been “kicking the can” down the street when it came to fiscal responsibility. They have given government employees the sun, the moon, and the stars. Now we see several governors with the balls to say ENOUGH, and the petulant union cry-babies have become unhinged.
What’s next, storm the state capitols?


Murali said...


America is what it is because everyone has the opportunity to make as much as possible or as little as possible. Everyone has the opportunity to succeed or fail. If we become too much of a 'safety net' society, we will lose what makes this country unique.

These crybabies are NOT what America should be about.

Joaquin said...

But unfortunately this is what we have! An entire sector of society that has been on the public dole for decades and has been coddled by every politician is getting some of their goodies taken away and they, like small children are kicking and screaming.
What is most annoying is their complete arrogance and unbending nature.
Throughout the country, companies both public and private have been cutting staff, reducing wages and tightening their belts. Yet these fat union pigs act like the world is coming to an end simply because they are being asked to contribute a little bit.
It will be some spectacle when Gov. Walker has to follow through on his promise and be forced to lay-off 6,000 employees because of these spoiled pigs.
We'll see.