Tuesday, March 1, 2011

He might be "off the road" a bit, but

he's certainly not buying into the pu$$ification of America...........AND I FIND THAT VERY, VERY REFRESHING!


Murali said...

I agree. But a 'real man' also takes care of his responsibilities, whether that be kids, family, relationships, job etc. In that area, Sheen fails as a real man.

Joaquin said...

Ageed! But I'm sure you know that my coment was directed at those guys that as soon as they are caught with their "pants down" they run to rehab, give a weepy-boo-hoo news conference(Tiger), and book Oprah.
Yes, Charlie is a f*ck-up, but at least he knows it, deals with it, and tells everyone else to mind their own business. That's what I find refreshing.