Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Does the GOP know who the enemy is?

Tea party lawmakers are being targeted for elimination by their own party, as old-guard Republicans use the Census-mandated redistricting process to erase seats won by last year’s upstarts, the National Journal reports.

House freshmen from several GOP-majority states are in danger of losing out in a political realignment that rewards more connected veteran representatives. It may be cold comfort to tea partyers that the hostile redistricting process proves their point: They really don’t belong to the political establishment.

“They did not have ties with incumbents and weren’t afforded a seat at the table,” said political journalist Ed Feigenbaum.

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Murali said...

I have the stomach for many things, but not this. The establishment Republicans are complete idiots.

Joaquin said...

And need to be plucked from their ranks.
The old Republican guard is only concerned with one thing, maintaining their position in the D.C. circle.
What does it say about a bunch of old guys that constantly and relentlessly get bitch-slapped by the MSM and Democrats, yet continue to grovel, and GET ALONG?