Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I have no doubt THE DONALD will not run for President, and is the biggest publicity whore this side of Bill Clinton, but he is getting under Obama's skin.
THE DONALD pestered him and got him to release his birth certificate, which he hadn't done in order to conveniently keep the birther issue on the table. When THE DONALD brought it up, it got legitimacy, and Obama had to respond. Now THE DONALD is asking more questions. This is great!

Trump To Obama: Now Release Your College Records


Murali said...

THE DONALD is doing what the media and most Republicans refuse to do - go on the attack against Obama. THE DONALD doesn't give a $hit, and he gets free press. It makes for great theater!

Joaquin said...

But is he also providing cover for the silent,spineless Republican?
Is he not doing their "dirty work"?