Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MR. PRESIDENT.....................

You are a lying weasel!
This problem has been created by the same dinosaur Democrats you are asking to oversee this so called recovery. YEAH RIGHT!!!
You are a lying weasel when you blame banks for these problems. YOU endorsed the lax oversight that encouraged this. The Democrats that are the root cause of these problems are the same Democrats that are now writing legislation designed to cure this? IT'S BULLSHIT AND YOU KNOW IT!!!!
You ask for a renewed auto industry, but you say nothing about the dictatorship of the auto unions, which is the cancer of that industry. You are a charlatan and a full blown hypocrite!!!!
As I listen to this moron, I am embarrassed to think that this country has elected this 2 bit-clown. I am embarrassed to have this clown speak in my home.
If you are a tax paying American, this clown is nothing but an insult to everything you work for and everything you believe in. If you are a working, tax paying American, believe me, this guy is not your friend.
Mr. President, you say with a straight face that we cannot pass on a debt we can not pay. WHAT THE FUCK WHAT YOU DONE IN THE LAST 30 DAYS?????? You have saddled Americans with the biggest debt that has ever been imagined and you have already promised that there is more on the way.
Mr. President I have listened to you tonight and I say....F*CK YOU cause I'm not buying the bullshit you're selling


Murali said...

Dude, parts of this sound like how the Democrats felt about Mr. Bush!

I watched about 5 minutes of the speech and couldn't stomach it. I also couldn't stand watching that dumb fucking bitch standing behind him. I couldn't stand watching Pelosi either! ;) Ha!

There is going to be a full-blown Liberal nutcase agenda for the next 4 years, if not the next 8 years. Before long, even your shit will be GREEN.

Joaquin said...

There is only 1 big difference. I'm right!
By the way, some of this is how I also felt about Georgie W.
I understand this guy's agenda. What is hard to stomach is the blatant lying bullshit this guy is spewing and the American public is gladly swallowing.
We just have to figure out a way of making money off this clown's agenda.