Tuesday, February 24, 2009


the Dow has gone from 9,448.54 to 7,114.78 a drop of 2,333.76 points.
We know how this administration loves to attack Wall St. but the reality is that Wall St. is the undisputed barometer of future business confidence. THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY IS SAYING: OBAMA = NO CONFIDENCE!
This administration will continue to fool the MSM along with the idiot masses, but you can't fool us smart folk and you can't fool Wall St.

Tonight, this snake oil salesman, will further preach to us about his economic plan and his plans to cut the US deficit in half by the end of his term. If you're an idiot, you will buy what this clown is selling. If you're a non-producing leech, you'll jump for joy. If you're a working, tax paying American you will sit there gazing at the TV shaking your head.
By the end of his speech, anyone with an income of over $250K will feel like they are the root of all evil and although he won't address it tonight, I can assure you that anyone with a 401K, an IRA or any type or retirement program (excluding government workers) will be right in this clown's cross- hairs. HE'S COMING FOR THOSE ACCOUNTS!
Oh, and how appropriate is it that this clown is speaking on MARDI-GRAS!

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