Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well, last night I sat down to watch the first unrehearsed act of the Obama administration.
My expectations weren’t high, as I’d witnessed his campaign style the last several years so I knew that with the help of a lap-dog press he would be able to ‘skate’ right through it. Boy, was I mistaken.
What I saw last night was a dark, brooding, rude, uncomfortable, and extremely insecure man. I saw a man that has trained for campaigning, but not governing. I saw a man that showed little experience in the art of decision-making and very comfortable ‘going along’ with the plans of others. I heard a man’s voice lilt at the first sign of semi-tough questions. I saw a flat-footed rookie receiver talking trash, yet unwilling to man-up and go up and get the ball.
For over two years our president has been called a rock star.
Last night I didn’t see Mick Jagger at Madison Sq. Garden. I didn’t see Stevie Wonder at the Hollywood Bowl, and I sure didn’t see Bono at Wembley. What I saw was Ike Turner at the lounge of the Vegas Hilton.

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Unknown said...

Spot-on observation. Thumbs up on your accurate appraisal of our prez-man-child.