Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On the international front.............

The president said his administration was reviewing its policy toward Iran "looking at places where we can have constructive dialogue." He also said it was time for Iran to change its behavior.


"My expectation is in the coming months we will be looking for openings that can be created where we can start sitting across the table face to face," Obama said.


He said that Iran must understand that funding terrorist organizations and pursuing nuclear weapons are unacceptable.


Obama tried to brace the U.S. for tougher sacrifices ahead in Afghanistan, where he said the national government is limited and terrorists still find places to hide.

Did anyone hear the words international coalition? I didn't.

"I do not have a timetable for how long that's going to take," he said. "What I know is I'm not going to allow al-Qaida and (Osama) bin Laden to operate with impunity, planning attacks."


Does anyone think this guy has the stomach to actually wage a war in Afghanistan? Afghanistan is the place Super Powers go to die.

By the end of the 'speech' leaders across the world were either laughing or holding their heads in their hands.