Friday, October 2, 2009


The “
Center for American Progress” lead by John Podesta, a former Clinton Chief of Staff and senior Obama adviser, recommended in a report to the Obama administration that:

[T]he administration should consider a tax on consumption, such as a value-added tax [VAT] system similar to that in use in the European Union. Mr. Podesta suggested that its impact should be limited to protect lower-income people, who otherwise might be hit particularly hard.

“As progressives we need to debate the policy merits [of] a range of options, including designing a small and more progressive value-added tax,” Mr. Podesta said in a statement Tuesday.

The report, said the administration can’t rely on taxing richer Americans and companies to reduce the deficit to sustainable levels by 2014 because those groups would see 40% tax increases.

The Obama administration wants to stimulate consumer spending to revive the economy. Ok, good idea! But to achieve that, they propose a tax on consumption. Brilliant!!

I'm getting the sense that a shittier economy is the goal of this administration.

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