Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here is the Mexican President preaching to us from the White House (OUR WHITE HOUSE!!!) about how his citizens, that are illegally fleeing his piece-of-shit country face discrimination because of the Arizona law.

And here is our fearless PRESIDENTE OBAMA saying that we are not defined by our borders. This guy becomes an even bigger fool everytime he opens his mouth.



Quite Rightly said...

I get it. It took me awhile though.

Calderon is worried that some American cop might politely ask a Mexican for ID, but he's not worried that, back home, Mexicans are at this moment in the process of being beheaded.

The beheading doesn't involve racial profiling! It's just Mexican on Mexican crime, so it's no problem.

Darrell Michaels said...

Calderon is rightly concerned that should America start enforcing its immigration laws, then Mexico becomes an insolvent nation. It is hugely dependent upon monies being sent home to Mexico from illegals working here to keep its economy going.

Mexico has huge natural resources and tons of cheap labor so the problem seems to be political and not economic.

We need to enforce our borders, severely fine those people that hire illegals so the jobs for them will dry up here, and they will return to their own countries.

Mexico needs to focus on its own corruption rather than figure how to suck off the American tit for a little while longer. That free lunch is quickly coming to an end.