Monday, June 1, 2009

He doesn't want to run GM, but fires the CEO.
He doesn't want to run GM, but he turns down their restructuring proposal.
He wants to create jobs, but in one move he puts hundreds of thousands on the street.
He wants 'greener' cars, but won't allow GM to import the hot selling cars they make abroad.
GM has received 20 billion from taxpayers. Now they are going to get 30 billion more.
Where did the money go?
GM should have filed Chapter 11 months ago, but Obama wouldn't have been able to take it over. So Obama waited.
UAW gets a big piece of GM. What did the bondholders/stockholders get?


Quite Rightly said...

I get it. Obama's Air Force One "wheels" gets 19/100ths of mile per gallon (with 4,000 sq. feet of legroom), and we the proletariat get to pack ourselves into tin-foil balloons with pinwheel motors.

But we get to pay for both rides.

I'll be driving my current vehicle until Obama nationalizes the chewing gum industry.

Joaquin said...

"tin-foil balloons with pinwheel motors" THAT'S FUNNY!
Seriously. There is no doubt in my mind that the Obamabots will try to reshape what we drive, and they might succeed.
This society is sprinting towards a false sense of government-backed security at the expense of individual freedom.
Just give them the goodies that will keep them happy.