Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In Cairo two weeks ago, BIG TOUGH PRES. HOPEY-CHANGEY trumpeted "my commitment . . . to governments (Iran) that reflect the will of the people." He also deeply lamented that "the United States played a role in the overthrow of a democratically elected Iranian government."

Now that blood is running in the streets of Tehran, and the election clearly appears to be a sham, big tough Pres. Hopey-Changey is singing a different tune. Am I surprised? Of course not!

The hypocrisy emanating from this White House is astounding, and is clearly on parade when it comes to Israel and Iran.

On the one hand we have democratically elected Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who on Sunday abandoned his own long-held position and, to the huge disappointment of much of his political base, spoke of his willingness to accept a Palestinian state -- provided that the Palestinians give-up military pursuits, resettle Palestinian refugees in their own territory, and recognize Israel as a Jewish state, just as the U.N. did at the country's founding.

On the other hand there's Iranian President Ahmadinejad, Holocaust-denier,military nuclear power aspirant, and hater of anything West, who on Friday declared himself the winner of a rigged election. Since Friday, scores of opposition politicians have been arrested, intimidated, rallies have been banned, protesters have been shot and the possibility of an Iranian Tiananmen is but a foregone conclusion.

Question: Which one of these two leaders in going to get the Obama beat-down???

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