Friday, February 26, 2010


I took a few minutes yesterday to watch the Obama Health Care dog and pony show here in my office.

You know what! This Obama, and his health care plan is beginning to look like the ultimate psycho girlfriend (guys, you know the one).
At first, she was new, different, cutesy, and fun. But then................. things started to go sideways.

Now, despite the fact that we've made it 100% crystal clear we don't want to have anything to do with his freakin health care plan.................he just keeps calling and calling and calling and calling!

We're way beyond the irksome stage, and yesterday we passed the creepy phase. Today, the bitch is at the front door with a bottle of acid


urbanadder22 said...

So what would you do with a bitch at the door with a bottle of acid?

What would you do if a slavering rabid dog is heading straight for you?

Rhetorical questions, these. Answer them to yourself in the privacy of your mind.

I was going to add something about six and twelve, but thought, I'd best leave that one alone as it could be interpolated as . . .

Joaquin said...

Me thinks you have a lack of sense of humor, but that's something you might the privacy of your mind.

Lisa said...

I am picturing Glenn Close wth a butcher knife. Even worse Pelosi with a knife and her shit ass grin.
Kill it before it gets you first.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Joaquin is clueless. Your comments are right on!