Friday, September 4, 2009


I'm driving to work early this morning, and the talk show I'm listening to is going on and on about parents overreacting to the President's 'talk' with public school kids this Tuesday.
The host commented about how the 'talk' will be positive and uplifting for the students, and parents are just plain jumping to conclusions by thinking this is going to be some type of national indoctrination. On the surface I tend to agree....................but then I give it some thought.
If one takes a look at public education over the last 30 years, it's easy to see that standards and academic achievements are in the toilet. It also can't be argued that private schools and home-schooling has flourished because of the total failure of public schools.
People can argue the reasons for this failure, but what can't be argued is that public schools have been the petri-dish of LiberalDemocrats and their social engineering experiments.
From banning prayer and the pledge of allegiance to making the now failed outcome-based education the ideal for years, public schools/unions have successfully clawed at the conservative fabric of American society.
For years we have been told that more money and more teachers are the solutions to the problems. But anyone that looks at the statistics sees that only 50 % of public school employees are teachers, funding per pupil has increased by over 220% in the last 25 years while public school academic scores continue to drop. Is it a wonder that parents have become skeptical about public education???
So now, after all of the failed programs, the continued lies, the blatant deceit, the President, the high-priest of everything LIBERAL, the epitome of a political animal, want to directly address all public school children. And you wonder why parents are rebelling???
What has happened here is that is the blink of an eye, parent have suddenly come to realized that public schooling AIN'T LOCAL. The PTA has been cast aside, and Mrs. Smith, Joey's 4rth grade teacher has been usurped by the COMMUNITY ORGANIZER IN THE WHITE HOUSE.
The America people are tolerant, trusting , and patient, but this time, much like a mother bear protecting her cubs..........................enough is enough.

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RightWingRocker said...

Reason 45,879 that I am no longer a teacher.